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    People who take frequent short trips rather than extended getaways tend to be happier . At least that is what some Psychologist say.

    As Prof Ariely, who teaches at Duke University in North Carolina puts it:"On a long vacation, day seven is less fulfilling than day one because it's not as exciting. That is why in general, going away four times a year provides more benefit than you wouold expect , and going away for one week provides less benefit than you would expect."

    Professor Ariely’s take on so called mini-breaks touches on rising trend in travel.

    Faced with shrining disposable incomes and pressing commitments. Americans are taking shorter trips. Such excursions . like the early summer, four –day jaunts to Cape Cod JCTours & Cruises organizes each year , give travelers a chance to excape the rat race for a fraction of what a longer trip would cost .

    Cape Cod, a cape jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean in the easternmost portion of Massachusetts, is not the Hamptons, with its upscale shops and trendy nightclubs.

    Yes it sees it share od celebrities, the Clintons, the Obamas and other well- heeled big wigs who vacation on Martha’s Vineyard , a spit of an island located to the south. But Cape Cod is laid back. It’s allure is fudge shops, five-and-dimes,saltwater taffy and unpretentious beaches and down-home food.

    Join JCTours this summer and see for yourself. And if you’ve been, well, you already know . The pull of the Cape is irresistible.

    Call us at 516 887-8251 for more details

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